What We Do

We know how difficult it can be to navigate accessible support services across the Birmingham community.

For many, transportation is a barrier to making it to that “next place”-to file a report, speak to a counselor, or ask questions about what to expect in court. We also know that, when you’re afraid, it can be overwhelming- even paralyzing–to take one more step, to tell one more person about what you’ve experienced.

Some people have become discouraged, telling and retelling their stories to new strangers at every turn, typically in open places where offenders may show up at any time.

Many have reported feeling re-victimized as they have tried to maneuver between multiple people at multiple locations.

We don’t want the complicated journey to safety and recovery to prevent you from seeking the services and resources that are here for you

This is the reason One Place exists: To remove man of these barriers by co-locating resources in one place. We want to make it easier to access services and resources. have your questions and concerns addressed, develop a safe plan of action, and receive the suoport you deserve.

You are not alone. One Place is here to help.